The Book of Psalms CD - Bill Flowers

The Book of Psalms CD - Bill Flowers


  Little can comfort, strengthen, and lift the soul more than hearing the clear and expressive reading of the book of Psalms from the majestic King James Version of the Bible.  Entering into the feelings and words of David and the other Psalmists as they pour out their heart to God gives understanding and hope in the Lord.

  Bill Flowers worked as a professional radio broadcaster for about 3 decades, and as a dedicated Christian he resonates with the Psalmist and the listener at the same time. 

  After the reading of the Book of Psalms, Dr. Mark Bachman offers a warm look at the Bible-way to Heaven.  It is both beautifully illustrated and easy to understand. 

  The CD can be played on a computer or a MP3 player and makes a unique and wonderful gift for a family member or friend. 

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