About Us

Answer Publications is a ministry of the Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke, Indiana, USA.  The ministry was established in the 1980's by Pastor James Bachman.

  Even at that time fewer quality materials were being produced using the King James Bible as their biblical source.  Our purpose was not so much to become a print shop and produce other peoples' materials, but to develop and design works within our own church, and have them printed by professionals. 

  The Lord has helped us produce some outstanding and unique books, materials, and programs.  Many thousands of people have been saved and trained as a result. 

  We are also developing college material for lay people, which is available on DVD.  Please visit  www.roanokebaptistonline.com/ministries or contact us for more information. 

  You may also visit our blog page for the "Parson To Person" question and answer column, and for up-to-date news for Answer Publications.